Artist Statement

Laura Fitzpatrick’s artistic education has been a life-long process. While it started with her documenting her ideas in a sketchbook as a young child and then graduating with a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, it continues to evolve.

Laura’s artistic approach attempts to be as broad as possible and, therefore, she experiments with many different mediums including: painting, sculpture, mixed media, print making, drawing and ceramics. This approach is rooted in her belief that the idea dictates the medium. Indeed, the medium used often depends on whether or not it will properly convey the idea at hand.

Laura’s work is a reflection of the space around her and she is often inspired by her interactions with nature. Whether hiking with her dogs in the North Shore Mountains, skiing in the Kootenays or canoeing the Stikine with close friends, nature makes her feel like a kid learning about something for the first time.

Laura’s inspiration, however, is not limited to her interactions with nature. She is driven by her unlimited imagination, which provides many of the ideas that she explores in her artwork.

Laura channels the ups and downs of life into her work, which means it is often chaotic, yet balanced. This is accomplished by using similar shapes, textures, patterns and repetition.
Laura’s ceramic work is often figurative and it attempts to open all doors when it comes to subject matter and concepts. Indeed, her ceramic work covers areas such as sexuality, sensuality and relationships, among other things. Concepts such as phallic, amorphous, grotesque, the beauty of lines and curves, energy, and integrity are also addressed depending on the piece.

Laura’s work inspires her to be truthful about what she is creating and her work plays no favorites. She finds it liberating to release her work knowing that the process was real and that she remained truthful to her creativity. Indeed, she creates what her imagination demands and refuses to compromise in order appease her critics.

Laura strives to create connections between her work and the viewer regardless of whether they are positive or negative. As long as there is reaction, there is strength in the artwork.

Laura believes that there is no formula for creating art and while some work is very calculated, in the sense that molds must be carefully prepared or small pieces must be configured to create a whole, other types of work are created in the moment with bursts of color, chaos, and exuberant energy.

In summary, Laura’s work is the total of her creativity, imagination, life experience and free spiritedness and she hopes you enjoy it!